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The Assessment System for Sustainable Campus (ASSC) is a questionnaire-based assessment system that takes a general and holistic view of university activities and identifies as assessment criteria, the basics necessary to achieve campus sustainability.

The ASSC was developed by Hokkaido University in 2013 and has been widely used at various universities, both domestic and foreign, since its implementation in 2014. It is currently operated by the Campus Sustainability Network in Japan (CAS-Net JAPAN).

For submitters, CAS-Net JAPAN certifies them as gold or platinum according to the percentage of points scored. Not only does this serves as an indicator of the level of achievement of campus sustainability, but it also serves as a tool for disseminating the results internal and external of the university.

How to use

Please log in to the ASSC online system to obtain an account. Fill out and submit the form responses during the specified period. For details, please see “My Page” after logging in.

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