The Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability aims to ensure a sustainable society for the next generation, and is engaged in education, research, and social collaboration that contribute to the SDGs, and to promote building a sustainable campus.

Building a sustainable campus

Planning and Management

  • Envisioning and planning of campus as a whole, and its realization and management
  • Planning and management of campus facilities and infrastructure
  • Preservation and utilization of historical assets
  • Maintenance, management, conservation, and utilization of the ecological environment
  • Environmental load reduction measures: promotion of energy conservation activities and appropriate waste disposal

Adopting environmental data and its management

  • Management of environmental data as a basis for campus management

Assessment, collaboration, and promotion

  • Assessment, internal and external collaboration, and awareness-raising activities to build a sustainable campus

Education, research, and social cooperation that contribute to the SDGs

Implementation and support of lectures and educational programs related to the SDGs

  • Consolidation of information on lectures and educational programs
  • Development, implementation, and planning support for lectures and educational programs for students
  • Implementation of training FD (Faculty Development)

Collection of research information, research planning and support related to the SDGs

  • Decarbonization and carbon neutrality
  • Others

Social collaboration and public relations activities related to the SDGs

  • Implementation of projects in collaboration with companies and local governments
  • Dissemination of the University’s SDGs information

Others related to the promotion of the University’s projects that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs

Working Groups (WGs) and Sustainability Promoter’s Meeting

The projects of our Institute are planned, formulated, and evaluated by working groups (WGs) for each activity, which are mainly composed of faculty members, and are implemented in cooperation between the two divisions of the Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability.

The Meeting of Sustainability Promoters and Assistants has also been established for the exchange of opinions and coordination of these projects with the departments.

Faculty members of each department participate in these meetings as sustainability promoters or assistant sustainability promoters.

WGs *As of December 1, 2022

Building a Sustainable Campus
  • WG for Campus Master Plan Formulation/Realization
  • WG for Facilities and Environmental Management
  • WG for Ecological Management
  • WG for Historical Property Management
  • WG for Cooperation/Enlightenment toward Sustainable Campus
  • WG for Promoting Environmental Load Reducation
Education, research, and social cooperation that contribute to the SDGs
  • WG for Promotion of Sustainability Education
  • WG for Global Collaboration for Sustainability  
  • WG for National Sustainability Cooperation  
  • WG for Public Relations and External Liaison for Sustainability